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Bus and train contractors


Adibus has developed a large number of IT solutions that can aid bus and train contractors who provide public transportation services in complying with the requirements placed by transport companies and authorities in connection with contract formation and in implementing IT solutions that can help with the optimisation of their day-to-day operations. Such solutions include installation of passenger Wi-Fi, real-time solutions as well as various other solutions that target driver needs. An example is ECO Drive, which contributes to fuel consumption optimisations and bottom line improvements.

We also have a number of solutions that target schedule planners and back office functions. These include, for example, a passenger counter, a live map that provides an overview of buses as well as general data collection. In particular, data collection can be important in connection with the evaluation of already planned routes and planning of new ones, whereas the available hard data provides a proper tool in the dialogue between schedule planners and operators.

The adibus system has a modular design, which offers an ocean of opportunities to build the exact solution that matches your needs, budget and, possibly, contractual requirements


The system can be extended, as needed

 The core of the system is typically our real-time solution that can be combined with different other solutions such as Voice announcement, Infotainment or the like, but as a rule, all solutions are provided separately.

Only sky is the limit to the number of possibilities!

We provide assistance with the entire thing:

  • Preliminary analysis – budgeting
  • Installation of hardware and software
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Possibly sales, production and invoicing of advertisements

– the only thing the driver needs to do is turn the ignition key.

Additional income for the bus/train contractor

adibus does not only give passengers better experience from the ride, but can also contribute to the contractor's revenues via sale of advertisements. We offer several options for the financing of the equipment. You can choose to buy the equipment, opt for a sharing scheme, lease or possibly outsource the entire expenditure to us.

For more information, send us an inquiry. We would love to lend you a hand in finding the optimal solution for you.


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