The Bus Station of the future - now a reality


In 2013 Viborg Bus Station was modernised so it now looks like one of the most modern stations. This includes real-time systems in all buses, a lane management system for prioritizing buses at the station, LED platform displays, information displays for passengers, station call-outs as well as a modern solution that reads aloud information for visually impaired travellers.

Passengers gain new possibilities

All buses arriving at the station have been fitted with real-time systems.

Passengers can therefore remain constantly informed regarding bus arrivals and departures and any delays, either at the station or via mobile apps.

Many of the buses, including Viborg City buses, are also fitted with information displays that show the transfer possibilities to other buses and trains before arriving at the station.

Passengers are thus directed to other buses and trains before arriving at the station.

Better use of the station's capabilities

With the implementation of a lane management system, Viborg Bus Station has improved the utilization of the limited space where several buses share the bus platforms.

Each bus platform accommodates three buses, and the system controls the buses’ sequence at each bus platform and ensures that the buses that are to leave first always remain in the front.

If there is a waiting time before the next departure the bus will be directed to the depot after passengers have disembarked. When it is time for the next departure the driver will be directed to the next slot available and passengers will at the same time automatically be informed of platform number.

All buses equipped with Real-Time

All buses are equipped with Real-Time system which allows communication with the Lane Management system in adibusLive.

See Real Time example here...


Passenger Information at the station

The adibusLaneManagement system controlled by adibusLive will through the Real-Time connection keep passengers updated at the station through the modern LED displays at the platform and inside the station.

A completely new solution at the station allows passengers to have arrivals and departures read out loud, as well as order a callout to a bus. The reading is performed using speech synthesis and is of course dynamic, whereby it takes into account delays, etc.

See Passenger information eksample here...


Thorkild Vestergaard, Civilingeniør, Viborg

"For many years, we have had a compact bus station where the buses were prioritised to each platform upon arrival. With the modernisation of the bus station, we have ensured improved passenger information in the form of real-time information about the buses’ arrivals and departures.

I mange år har vi haft en kompakt busstation, hvor busserne blev prioriteret til hver platform ved ankomsten. Med moderniseringen af ​​busstationen har vi sikret forbedret passagerinformation i form af information i realtid om bussernes ankomst og afgang."



Brian Rasmussen, Chauffør, Hans Biler

We drivers have received an important tool to provide optimal service to our customers every day. The driver terminal constantly provides us with driving information with electronic timetables. Today, the system would be difficult to do without.