Adibus installs equipment i 40 new buses in Randers


We are pleased to announce that we have installed equipment in 40 new buses in Randers, through the operators Umove and Fårup Rute- og Turist. The new buses were put into operation on Sunday 9th of August, with the following equipment delivered from Adibus:

RealTime: Passengers are automatically informed of the next stop, delays, changeover options to other buses / trains, etc.

Automatic Passenger Count (APC): The carrier gets an optimal and accurate overview of the number of boardings and disembarkations. No more manual and inaccurate counts.

Travel card integration: The real-time screen that the driver uses is integrated with the travel card - so i.e. tour selection breaks through and frees the driver from work tasks.

Fårup Rute- og Turist has also had the following installed:

Wi-Fi: provides passengers with a reliable Wi-Fi network while driving. Passengers can effortlessly spend their time on board checking emails, surfing the web and staying up to date during the journey.


Adibus aims to deliver solutions, that enhance the journey experience for passengers as well as offering transport operators and transport providers advantages on an economically beneficial basis