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OptiCharge is a tool for operators to optimize the charging of their electrical vehicles.

OptiCharge will optimize the charging based on the following criteria:

  • Total power available at the depot
  • Driving schedule of the busses – start time and stop time
  • Price of electricity – based on dayahead schedules from Nordpool
  • Optimized charging schedules based on the above.

Operators have the potential to save significantly energy cost with fluctuating energy costs. The OptiCharge comes in various configurations.

Various configurations

Standard solution

It’s a “standalone” solution without any integration to Adibus products. Adibus is collecting Electrical FMS/CANbus data from vehicles – and using this as inputs to the Charge Management Core. The charge Management Core is controling the charging process at the depot’s charging points.



Is based on a standard solution with integration to opeators planning system like Hastus,NeTEx, or the bus AVMS system (ITxPT) for more acurate journey details.



Full integration to AdibusLive, and other Adibus products – like depot management, driving behaviour for further optimize the energy consumption.