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adibus Surveillance

Overview of the core elements in adibus Surveillance


  1. Backend surveillance module.

  2. A central server hosted by adibus.

  3. Communication via mobile network.

  4. Camera and onboard screen.

  5. GPS positioning when alarm button is used.


adibus Surveillance secures optimal conditions for passenger’s safety.
adibus Surveillance consists of a fisheye camera which covers whole vehicle. Fisheye camera uses newest technology creating a quad-view image. The camera also includes infrared light, which gives the possibility to get excellent images despite
limited light conditions.

The adibus backend system allows access to recorded files, which are stored in 7 days on SD card inside the camera. Recordings are divided into 60mb files, and it is possible to search a specific period as you wish.

Most of the public vehicles have a hidden alarm button for the driver in case of emergency. The signal from this button can be connected to adibus Backend system. When the button is pushed, both adibus Backend system and a preconfigured mobile
phone number receive alarm message.

The alarm message contains:
• Date and time
• Bus number / name
• Line – Start & Stop
• Actual bus position on the map
• On mobile message – a link to google maps
  with the actual location of the bus 



View from fisheye camera placed in busses midway



Example of alarm message received at operation center



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