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Adibus is not just a system provider of technical solutions. In Denmark, adibus also has it’s own department, that is solely dedicated to marketing sales to screen based media in cinemas, buses, trains, shops, stadiums, shopping-centres etc.

Adibus offers a complete advertisement concept that covers both booking and administrative systems. Our concept can also be tendered to external media and advertising agencies outside of the Danish market.

The advertisement system developed for buses and trains is very extensive and highly developed in accordance with the demand of advertisers.

GPS managed advertisements corresponding to the geographical target areas of the advertiser. Flexible opportunities for updating advertisement content, facilitating the advertisers ability to change and update text and visual content via the Internet.

Adibus can therefore deliver turn – key advertisement solutions, which can contribute to the financing of Infotainment solutions.

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Brian Stærk Sørensen

In Denmark, Adibus is represented by the media planning tool which encompasses:

  • 120 buses and trains
  • 109 Danish cinema theatres
  • 250 shops, shopping centres, stadiums etc.


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