adibus AutomaticPassengerCounting

Overview of the core elements of adibus APC - AutomaticPassengerCounting

  • 1. Content/Timetable

  • 2. Server

  • 3. Uploads

  • 4. Route selection

  • 5. GPS



Publishing and managing content like traffic information, advertisement, news update etc. Timetables, stop information , announcements etc. are centrally stored and usually delivered from external systems


adibus solutions are hosted centrally and there is no need for locally IT hosting and operations.


The distribution and communication with the buses and trains uses the mobile network, securing that the solution is online.

Route selection

Route selection is done in the buses by the driver. Form there on the content on screens and realtime forecasts will run automatically


Positioning via GPS.

Manual counting of passengers is a thing of the past

With adibus AutomaticPassengerCounting APC the laborious and often problematic manual counting of passengers is a thing of the past.


adibus delivers a turn-key solution with an accuracy of 99%, which can supply data relating to numbers entering and exiting the vehicle, right down to the individual stop level. This solution is based on 3D cameras; 1 camera at each door of the vehicle.



Analysis of APC data

Data can be retrieved with a specification of periods and right down to each individual stop. Data can be exported to e.g. an Excel spread sheet.


Cameras and counting device in the vehicle collect all data for defined period of time. Data is filtered and sent to the server. adibus AutomaticPassengerCounting APC registers the place where passengers get on and off the vehicle, so each passenger recorded with GPS point for boarding and alighting.



adibusLive - APC analysis demo

Data from the each bus or train is transmitted via the mobile data network back to the central server every minute, which makes it possible to use the passengerdata in realtime. 


All statistical data is collected on a server at adibus for later analysis, and can be delivered to a Datawarehouse at the customer site.

To secure against outside intrusion, all data is being encrypted before it is transmitted from the vehicle.



Manual Counting of passengers

Although we encourage customers to use Automatic Passenger Counting we do have a facility in the adibus Backend that enables drivers to manually enter number of passengers entering and exiting the bus.


The counts are entered via the Driver Terminal.


See actual screenshot for example.