adibus Optimization

Consists of tools to optimize the planning and operation of buses, trams and trains, by using all the daily collected data in real-time and for further analysis

Examples on areas where the solution have optimization functionality are:

  • Electrical charge optimization – charging when the price is lowest
  • Number of passengers in buses - how full is the bus with passengers – can we save an extra bus in operation
  • Time schedule optimization – can we optimize the time schedule by using real-time data
  • Communication with passengers – automatically inform the passengers in the bus, tram or train and by app e.g. on delay
  • Management of driver – all communication with the drivers e.g. shift change, holiday etc.

adibus has a consistent focus on optimizing our customers operation – usually with a result of severe savings. We try to get most out of all the BIG data that we collect and save unnecessary labor cost.