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Bookascreen overtager salget af reklamer i Aarhus Airport

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Adibus udvider med endnu en Softwareudvikler

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Adibus har ansat Svein Kristiansen som Project Manager på det norske marked

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  • adibus RealTime

    adibus RealTime

    With adibus RealTime passengers are automatically informed about the next stop, approaching destinations, delays, transit options to other buses or trains etc.

    Click here to read more about our Real Time.
  • adibus PassengerInformationSystem

    adibus PassengerInformationSystem

    adibus PassengerInformationSystem is an Infotainment system for public transport, stations, cinemas and other public areas. Our software handles news feeds, advertisement and traffic information in cooperation with our NextStop- and Real Time solutions.

    Click here and read more about our Passenger Information System.
  • adibus NextStopAnnouncement

    adibus NextStopAnnouncement

    With NextStopAnnouncement passengers are automatically informed about the next stop and final destination during a journey.

    Click here and read more about our Next Stop Announcement.
  • adibus PublicInfoscreens

    adibus PublicInfoscreens

    adibus PublicInfoscreens is a complete information solution for public areas, both indoor and outdoor. We supply a large variety of screen solutions from small self-help kiosks, to large multiscreen displays. They are all designed specifically for outdoor use and the screens can withstand extreme weather conditions, shifts in temperature and vandalism. The screens can be wall-mounted, built-in or delivered as complete stand solutions. Adibus offers an additional CallOut function. This function allows to “read aloud” time table information from the screen and to order verbal call out for particular departures. This function is very useful for people with disabilities. Our Realtime solution ensures that departures and arrivals is displayed – fully updated with delays or cancellations - all of which can be combined with news, advertisements and other information.

    Click here and read more about our Public Info screens.
  • adibus AutomaticPassengerCounting

    adibus AutomaticPassengerCounting

    With adibus AutomaticPassengerCounting – APC - the laborious and often problematic manual counting of passengers is a thing of the past. adibus delivers a turn-key solution with an accuracy of 95%, which can supply data relating to the number of passengers entering and exiting the vehicle, right down to the individual stop level.

    Click here to read more about our Passenger counting system.
  • adibus LaneManagement

    adibus LaneManagement

    Adibus LaneManagement helps prioritizing busses at stations with little space or few platforms, but several departures. Our technology ensures that busses are queuing up in the right lanes according to departure times.

    Click here to read more about Lane Management.
  • adibus Signs

    adibus Signs

    Set-up and update of LED Signs automatically in the bus in real time. Destination name is updated from central system – no USB key updates are needed any more.

    Click here to read more about our Signs.
  • adibus Wi-Fi

    adibus Wi-Fi

    With adibus Wi-Fi passengers will have a reliable Wi-Fi network when in transit. Passengers can effortlessly utilize their time on-board to check mail, surf the net and keep themselves up to date during their journey

    Click here to read more about our Wi-Fi.
  • adibus InfoApp

    adibus InfoApp

    adibus InfoApp is a real time based application providing exceptional help to passengers when searching for nearest public transport or stations. adibus InfoApp is available as mobile web version or can be downloaded from App store. Based on users current GPS location adibus InfoApp searches for nearest public transport stations with all available departures or directions to specific routes.

    Click here to read more about our Info App.
  • adibus EcoDrive

    adibus EcoDrive

    adibus EcoDrivefocuses on fuel optimisation resulting in noticeable reduction in expenses and environment improvement. Documented results are up to 15% fuel reduction.

    Click here to read more about our Eco Drive.
  • adibus Surveillance

    adibus Surveillance

    adibus Surveillance secures optimal conditions for passenger’s and driver’s safety.

    Click here to read more about our Surveillance.

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