With our products and our actions

we want to contribute to a sustainable future


We want to support more sustainable development inside and outside cities by offering innovative IT systems that promote public transport, including connectivity with other modes of transport. We contribute with IT systems that:

  • Minimise CO2 emissions
  • Support new forms of energy, including electricity
  • Helping population groups with special needs
  • Improve traffic safety
  • Make it more attractive for passengers to use public transport
  • Make it more profitable for providers to operate public transport
  • Support Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

We want to optimise transport needs as much as possible within the company.


We want to reduce energy consumption and promote sustainable forms of energy.

We contribute with, among other things, IT systems for public transport and other installations that:


  • Minimise CO2 emissions 
  • Support sustainable energy
  • Use the least amount of energy


Internally, we reduce energy demand by using energy-efficient installations and minimising and improving the efficiency of driving needs.


  • We want to create sustainable growth for our customers and ourselves through technology and innovation
  • Our public transport IT systems help promote public health and fight infectious diseases
  • On the media side, we make lucrative deals with partners who want to spread CSR and sustainability messages


Our growth must not compromise the well-being and health of our employees. 
We want to take social responsibility by helping young people and people with special needs into the labour market.


  • We want to extend the life of products as much as possible, including recycling
  • We require our suppliers to use minimal packaging
  • We require our suppliers to deliver only what we need
  • We develop games that communicate recyclability and waste
  • We primarily want to offer advertising media that leave the smallest possible carbon footprint

We sort our waste and strive to recycle as much as possible.


  • We engage extensively in partnerships across the public and private sectors
  • We collaborate with educational institutions in development projects
  • We are ITxPT certified which facilitates industry partnerships and greater equipment usability