adibus Planning

The planning tool is part of the adibus Live platform, and referred to as adibus Daily  

adibus Daily may be integrated to a other planning tools such as Hastus or Trapeze. adibus Daily is mainly focused on dynamic data – while static data is imported from the planning system.

The main functions of adibus Daily is as follows:

  • Rostering
  • Employee management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Daily schedule
  • Driver app

adibus Daily


Is a tool for an operator to generate shifts based on route plans (blocks) – and connect vehicles to the different routes (blocks)


Employee Management

Is a tool to connect drivers to the roster (shifts) – and at the same time keep track of each driver’s time schedule, rest time, holidays and vacations. A daily schedule is generated and published in the driver app – in order to keep track of his routes and vehicles to drive that day. On the fly changes can be updated in the Employee management module – in case of a driver becomes sick. Drivers in the same roster may change shifts internally in the app – without notify the control center – as data is updated in real-time.


Vehicle Management

Is a tool for the operator to connect vehicles to the different routes (blocks). The operator can replace vehicles on the fly – if the planned vehicle breaks down. Vehicle replacements are published in real-time, so in the drivers app will be updated of what vehicle he is going to drive.


Daily schedule/Driver app

Is an app showing the drivers daily schedule on his phone (calendar mode) – showing what routes he will be driving at what time and what vehicle. Always updated in real-time.



Other planning features

Timetable planning and vehicle planning may be planned based on historical passenger data stored in adibus Live.


Planning of fuel purchasing may be generated based on historical data from the busses’ fuel consumption. Also planning of charging may be based on historical data of power consumption, in combination with the next day’s schedule and current SOC of the vehicle.


Planning of when vehicles need to be serviced.