Service and operation

With the installation of adibus follows a service contract.

This covers the following:

  • Hardware operational maintenance
  • Software operational maintenance
  • Software updates
  • System monitoring
  • Mobile data connections
  • Data backup on a central server
  • Maintenance of server
  • News feed


Maintenance of hardware

Even though the adibus system is composed of transport proofed and fully tested components, things can just break down. All defect parts, which have not been damaged by vandalism, fire, accidental damage or theft will be replaced without charge against the return of the damaged material.

Maintenance of software

Software glitches are resolved on a decentralized basis via a remote connection to the bus/ train. If this is not possible, then the problem will be resolved on-site.

Updating of software

Our service contract covers future updates of the software to new versions. The system is continuously been expanded and developed with new features.

System montoring

The adibus system ensures a central monitoring service and any eventual problems are immediately resolved as soon as they are come to our attention. It is also possible to alert a driver by text, telephone or e-mail in the unlikely eventuality of operational problems.

Mobil data connection

The publishing of content (news, adverts and traffic information) is carried out via the mobile data network. Should a bus/ train find itself in an area of zero mobile network coverage, then the passengers experience no fall-out in the system – it automatically awaits updates until normal coverage is restored.

Backup of data to the central server

There are daily back ups of all data on a central server – covering both advertisements, news and traffic information.

Server Maintenance

This service is run from adibus’s central server. The server itself is serviced daily and kept updated. If, in the unlikely event of operational problems on the server, the system on the buses will continue to function and passengers will not experience any disruption to the service.

News feed

We deliver the agreed number of daily news feeds, where news content is updated by the hour.

Telephone support

T. (+45) 50 70 15 85.


Free telephone support is available to super-users of the system with our customers.