adibus Operation

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adibus Operation is the daily – 24/7/365 – operation of the bus fleet of a bus operator. The daily operation is exercised on the Adibus Live platform – where the main HMI is the Live map where all the operator’s busses are shown in real-time.


The busses are displayed in different colors – green, yellow and red, indicating if the vehicle is on schedule, behind schedule, or ahead of schedule. 

The operator can easily capture a real-time image of a vehicle by clicking on the vehicle on the map – then displaying:

  • Line, route and vehicle number
  • List of stops already visited with time stamp – and ETA of next/remaining stops
  • Time deviation, if behind/ahead of schedule in seconds/minutes
  • Speed and heading of the vehicle
  • Fuel or power consumption
  • Number of passengers in real-time – and passenger load relative to maximum allowed passengers


Alarm Handling

There are several parameters automatically monitored to initiate alarms, and manual alarm tripped by the driver.


Emergency Alarm

The driver can initiate an emergency alarm by pushing a button at the vicinity of the driver. This will generate an audible alarm at the Adibus Live control center, and also initiate a live video stream from the bus with two way audio – so the operator can see and hear the incident and may communicate with the driver over the VoIP connection. The video footage from the incident will contain video 5-10 seconds prior to the alarm was initiated – in order to see the prelude to the incident. Other parameters to initiate the alarm can be a sudden de-acceleration (50-0) in a second.


Smart El.bus drive

Adibus Live is monitoring the SOC of an electric vehicle – and initiate an alarm to the driver and operator when it’s obvious that the bus cannot complete its route (block). The operator will then schedule a replacement vehicle and arrange with the driver the replacement point.


Customized Alarms

The bus operator can customize what parameter monitored in the bus, he wants to initiate an alarm. This may vary from any telemetry coming from the bus – or any event he wants to monitor.





Other Operational features

Adibus Call – Voice call (VoIP) between operation center and driver. Call is always initiated by operator – but can be requested by driver.


Manual override of e.g. destination signs of vehicles – manual sign in and signoff of vehicles, arrange replacement vehicles.


Historical data captured from each vehicle is stored for 3 years.