adibus DestinationSigns

Overview of the core elements of adibus DestinationSigns

With adibus DestinationSigns the LED destination signs are automatically controlled by the backend adibusLive. When the driver chooses his route / trip the LED signs will automatically change according to the timetable.


This results in fewer tasks for the driver in the bus and minimizes the risk for mistakes allowing the driver to concentrate on passenger service.

For situations where a manual intervention is required the driver can easily enter an alternative text on the Destination Sign from a predifined list at the Driver Terminal.


This can for example be "Concert Tour" or in case of breakdown "Not in Service" when returning to garage for service.


All destinations texts and manuel sign texts are entered at the backend and distributes automatically to the buses / trains.

  • 1. Content/Timetable

  • 2. Server

  • 3. Uploads

  • 4. Route selection



Publishing and managing content like traffic information, advertisement, news update etc. Timetables, stop information , announcements etc. are centrally stored and usually delivered from external systems


adibus solutions are hosted centrally and there is no need for locally IT hosting and operations.


The distribution and communication with the buses and trains uses the mobile network, securing that the solution is online.

Route selection

Route selection is done in the buses by the driver. Form there on the content on screens and realtime forecasts will run automatically

Automatic Updates from adibus Backend - adibusLive

All sign texts are defined in the backend system and can be created in a few minutes.


The system is online via the mobile network and the new or changed texts are pushed immediately to the buses – so updating signs in 100 buses is a simple and easy task where you only need a few minutes.


With adibusDestinationSigns tedious and time consuming, manual updates are a thing of the past.



adibusDestinationSigns is compatible with a broad selection of sign manufacturers

The adibus system seen as a whole is designed to be open and compatible with a broad spectrum of hardware.


This also applies to Destination Signs where the adibus system is compatible with most manufacturers. In fact we have yet to come across a Destination Sign that we could not incorporate in our system.