adibus ChargePlan

Is a tool for operators to optimize the charging of their electrical vehicles


For more informations visit ChargePlan 

Optimize the charging

adibus ChargePlan will optimize the charging based on the following criteria:

  • Total power available at the depot
  • Driving schedule of the busses – start time and stop time
  • Price of electricity – based on day ahead schedules from Nordpool
  • Optimized charging schedules based on the above

Operators have the potential to save significantly energy cost with fluctuating energy costs.




Various configurations

Standard solution

It’s a “standalone” solution without any integration to Adibus products. Adibus is collecting Electrical FMS/CANbus data from vehicles – and using this as inputs to the Charge Management Core. The charge Management Core is controlling the charging process at the depot’s charging points.



Is based on a standard solution with integration to operators planning system like Hastus,NeTEx, or the bus AVMS system (ITxPT) for more accurate journey details.



Full integration to AdibusLive, and other Adibus products – like depot management, driving behaviour for further optimize the energy consumption.