adibus SmartDrive

Overview of the core elements of adibus SmartDrive

  • 1. Realtime tool

  • 2. Server

  • 3. Uploads

  • 4. EcoDrive

  • 5. GPS


Realtime tool

Report and analyzing tool in realtime.


adibus solutions are hosted centrally and there is no need for locally IT hosting and operations.

Mobile network

The distribution and communication with the buses and trains uses the mobile network, securing that the solution is online.


EcoDrive module for driver


Positioning mobile device and vehicles via GPS.

Optimisation of driving patterns

adibus SmartDrive focuses on fuel optimisation resulting in noticeable reduction in expenses and environment improvement. Documented results are up to 15% fuel reduction.


adibus SmartDrive enable bus operator to extract historical and real time data showing the driving patterns such as acceleration, speed, fuel consumption etc.


Driving patterns between buses and drivers can be compared and documented. Drivers and managment can learn from statistical materiale helping to save fuel and reduce C02 emission.


Drivers ECO display shows driving pattern information in realtime through easy understandable icons and light indicators. This function contributes to saving fuel and a higher passenger comfort. The drivers ECO display also shows an ECO score and fuel consumption for each trip.


The system is easy to install without any interruption with vehicles electronic system.


adibus SmartDrive is paid back already from day one.



SmartDrive on adibusLive

Browse through the Gallery for a couple of screenshots of adibus SmartDrive analysis on adibusLive Backend.