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The adibus system

An overview of the core elements

  1. Publish and manage content (news, advertisements, traffic- and tourist information etc.). This can be carried out by the customer and/ or adibus.

  2. A central server hosted by adibus for the distribution and collection of data, to and from buses and trains etc.

  3. Upload/download via the mobile network.

  4. Fully updated screens in buses and trains.

  5. GPS utilized management of location based content as well as real time information, passenger counting and adibusTourist.


adibus facts

adibus is always fully functional no-matter what the conditions

The adibus system only utilizes components specially designed for transportation environments. Our equipment is built to withstand sudden jolts, shaking, flucuations in temperature and voltage. We have a general focus on avoiding mechanical parts, to ensure an extended functional longevity.

adibus can tolerate even large voltage fluctuations

All our equipment runs on 24v, but can tolerate voltage oscillations from 10-35v. adibus is therefore fully functional even during the large fluctuations in voltage which occur, when the bus starts.


The software is developed on a reliable stable platform. An embedded version of Windows XP is used as the operating system, specially designed for industrial usage. adibus is an extremely flexible and user friendly platform, where the primary focus revolves around a simple and straightforward operation. adibus takes the total responsibility for keeping the system up and running – this means that the system does not require any technical insight from the driver, who merely has to turn on the main source of power. The software solution is based on Microsoft’s .Net platform, a stable and future proofed platform. The system utilizes a high degree of standard software, thus easily enabling a future system extension with totally new types of media, functions and formats.


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