Adibus Provides Software and Technical Solutions to VY in Drammen, Norway

We are pleased to announce that Adibus has delivered a software and technical solution to VY, which has selected Yutong as their bus supplier for the exciting project in Drammen, Norway. This project includes a fleet of electric buses in four different lengths: 12, 13, 15, and 18 meters, the latter being an articulated bus.


All buses are designed to operate in accordance with the ITxPT standard, ensuring high compatibility and efficiency. Adibus' solutions include the following advanced features:

  • Real-time: Real-time updates and data for optimized operations.
  • Passenger Counting: Efficient passenger counting at 2 and 3 doors for precise registration of passenger numbers.
  • Automatic Sign Control: Automatic sign control to ensure correct and up-to-date information for passengers.
  • Infotainment: Information about the next stop and entertainment for an enhanced passenger experience.
  • Automatic Audio Announcements: Automated audio announcements to inform passengers about the next stop and other relevant information.
  • Sales Terminal incl. NFC Reader: Modern sales terminals with NFC readers for easy and fast payment.


All these software solutions are managed via AdibusLive in close collaboration with EnTur (, Norway's travel planning platform, ensuring an integrated and seamless experience for both operators and passengers.


We are proud to contribute to this green transition and improvement of public transport in Drammen. Thank you to VY for trusting Adibus' solutions. We look forward to continued good cooperation.


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