New MidttrafikLive Version Launched with Improvements

MidttrafikLive, the popular public transport app for Central Jutland, has just released a new update with exciting new features to enhance the user experience.


One of the most notable improvements is the implementation of true route paths on the map. Previously, bus routes on the map tended to "cut corners," which could be confusing for users. The new version ensures that the route always follows the road exactly, making it easier for passengers to navigate.


Additionally, users will now receive better customer notifications during major events where there are many changes in a specific area. This will ensure that users are informed as soon as they enter the area, which can be particularly useful during festivals or similar events where there are changes on multiple routes over a certain period.


Finally, the new version of MidttrafikLive also introduces a route personalization feature. This allows users to select their personal favorite routes, which will be displayed as default when the app starts up, making it even easier for them to plan their journeys.


Adibus is proud to continually help improve MidttrafikLive for Midttrafik.

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