Adibus Automatic Speed Limitation (ASL)

Adibus is proud to introduce our latest product, adibus Automatic Speed Limitation (ASL), which we have implemented in collaboration with Tidebus on buses from VanHool, Solaris, and Golden Dragon. This groundbreaking technology is designed to enhance safety and efficiency in the transportation sector.


ASL - What is it?
ASL is an intelligent speed limitation solution tailored for carriers and traffic companies. It utilizes advanced technology to monitor the vehicle's speed and adjust it in real-time to comply with the applicable speed limits.


How does it work?
ASL is equipped with advanced sensors and GPS technology that precisely records the vehicle's position and speed. When the vehicle approaches a speed limit, ASL automatically adjusts the speed to comply with legal requirements. This contributes to preventing speed violations and enhancing traffic safety. The vehicle simply cannot exceed the set speed.


Benefits of ASL:

  • Safety: ASL reduces the risk of speed violations and the potential dangers they pose.
  • Legal Compliance: With ASL, you are always within the specified speed limits, minimizing the risk of fines.
  • Fuel Efficiency: By driving at optimal speed, you can reduce fuel consumption and improve your environmental footprint.
  • Urban Comfort: With ASL, specific zones, such as city streets, can be defined where the speed should be limited, ensuring the vehicle cannot exceed, for example, 20 km/h.

Learn more about ASL:
Visit our website here for more information about Adibus Automatic Speed Limitation (ASL). You can also contact our team to discuss how ASL can be customized to meet your specific transport needs.

With ASL, Adibus continues to deliver innovative solutions to the transportation industry, focusing on safety, efficiency, and compliance with regulations.


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