Adibus Implements Advanced IT Platform in Volvo Electric Buses for Ditobus in Zealand

Adibus is proud to be chosen as the supplier for the bus company Ditobus to implement an IT platform in 33 Volvo electric buses. This solution marks a significant step towards a more efficient and sustainable transportation solution for Movia. The first buses are now on the streets, and more are on the way.


Technological Progress: Smart Electric Bus Operations at the Core

Over the past few months, our service technicians have worked hard to install a range of our innovative solutions, including our advanced Smart El-bus drive designed to optimize and enhance the daily operations of electric buses.


Installation Features:


Future Electric Buses: Sustainability

With our Smart El-bus drive solution, Adibus aims to assist Ditobus in delivering efficient and stable operations for electric buses in Movia's operational area. Our Smart El-bus drive place sustainability at the core of the transportation solution, and we look forward to contributing to a fossil-free future for yet another of our clients.


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