Adibus passes ITxPT certification, to secure first deliveries in 2021

Adibus have now as one out of few European vendors achived ITxPT certification for a full set of ITxPT services, and are underway with implementation with the first customers in 125 busses which will be in service within the end of this year.


The Adibus’s ITxPT service module is module based, so the customer can choose ala-carte for which services they want to subscribe to, or choose the full set of ITxPT services.


The ITxPT specifications are meant as a common spec for IT vendors in the Public transport industry, so the PTO’s and PTA’s can smoothly choose different vendors, as the interopability between systems/vendors is secured by this standard.


We see now that ITxPT is becomming more and more widespread across Europe, and even in overseas markets. In some countries, e.g in Norway, ITxPT has been mandatory for the last few years in order to supply IT systems to the public transport administrators and operators.


As Adibus now are getting orders to deliver systems based on ITxPT, it was a natural step for us to undergo the certification process, which now have been passed.


The introduction of ITxPT have also made it easier for the industry to implement common quality of service requirements, which allow  PTA’s to implement incentive/penalty options for operators in this evolving transport as a service domain.


ITxPT is an open standard with standardized interfaces for interchange of data between IT systems in Public Transport.


“Adibus have for the last 10 years implemented solutions on open standards, so taking the final step for the ITxPT certification was a very natural step for us” says Henrik Eriksen, Technical Director at Adibus.


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