ChargePlan – a new intelligent charge management system

The roll-out of electric buses is going at a rapid pace these years. Fossil fuel buses are largely not sold anymore. This means a total reorganization of operations for the truckers. Because what at first sounds simple has turned out to be a more complicated affair and created headaches for many operators.

  • Because how is the operation optimized?
  • How do you charge when electricity is cheapest?
  • What if the charging handle is not inserted properly, or the charging fails for some other reason, so that you are left with a bus that needs to go out but lacks power?
  • Is there a need at all to fully charge the bus in relation to the driving pattern that is needed?
  • Can you charge differently to extend the life of the battery?

These are just some of the everyday challenges adibus has continuously encountered with customers and for which a solution has now been found. Adibus has already, with financial support from the “Innovationsfonden”, over the last 2-3 years worked purposefully with Smart Electric Bus operation with a huge number of ​​optimization tools and facilities for drivers for daily operations. More than 400 Danish electric buses now run with the solution. This is now supplemented with ground-breaking tools within charging optimization under the name ChargePlan.


ChargePlan ensures optimization of charging in relation to electricity prices and reduction of possibilities for errors. This not only provides noticeable savings, but also security and a total overview.
Stop arriving at a vehicle that has not charged overnight, stop paying for expensive electricity, stop charging more than is needed and stop wearing out the battery unnecessarily.
All put into a very simple and clear user interface that works across bus types and charging systems.


ChargePlan is not only reserved for the bus industry. The system can be integrated into any type of fleet of electric vehicles. However, electric trucks are not that widespread yet, but it will definitely happen soon at a stunning rate. This was underlined by the upcoming tax which was adopted by the Danish Parliament in May this year.
The tax will be around DKK 1,3 per kilometer driven, but it varies according to the trucks' CO2 emissions. Climate- and environment-friendly trucks must therefore pay the least.
From 1 January 2025 it applies to heavy trucks over 12 tons, while from 2027 it must apply to smaller trucks up to 3.5 tons. Adibus' extensive experience in the field thus also benefits the freight transport industry.


The results are convincing

"We have installed the solution at a couple of operators, and we are more than convinced that what we have developed has huge potential, not only in Denmark, but also internationally. There are some systems in the marked, but ours is standing out by being totally independent of suppliers of buses and charging systems. At the same time, we have extensive knowledge about bus operations, so we have adapted everything to this industry. Our measurements show that with ChargePlan you can reduce electricity costs by up to 20%. We have deliberately chosen to price the system so cheaply that everyone can participate. Operating costs per year for the system is already payed-off after approx. two months, and then all the other functions come on top of that.” concludes Henrik Eriksen.



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