Driver registration - with breathalyzer test

Over the past year, Adibus has developed an attendance registration with alcohol testing. The drivers log on to the screen on arrival and confirm attendance, after which they finish by blowing a breathalyzer test. This results in a printout of the driver's shift schedule including the various trips that must be made and other tasks that must be completed during the shift. On top of that, it tells which bus the driver will drive.


The solution constantly monitors the attendance of the drivers, and if a driver lacks attendance registration, the operations center will immediately receive a message.

The solution thus contributes to the buses arriving on the street on time to the delight of the customers.


"The attendance check goes well in line with our ISO 39001 and is a big boost in our ongoing work to ensure higher quality and traffic safety in bus operations for the benefit of passengers, fellow road users and drivers" - Says Claus Børsting, area manager in Aalborg.


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