New buses in North Jutland


We're happy to announce that Adibus are installing new equipment in the total of 42 buses for the bus operators Jørns Busrejser, Fårup Rute- og Turist and Arriva. The new buses wil be equipped with the following systems:


RealTime: The passenger is automatically informed of the next stops, delays, transfer options for other buses / trains, etc.


Automatic passenger counting: The operator gets an optimal and accurate overview of the number of passengers going on and off the bus. With APC the manual and occasional counting is history.


Infotainment: On the passenger information screens, the next stop, transition options, news, traffic information and ads are displayed.


Next stop announcement: The passenger is automatically informed of the next stop, final destination, route, etc.


At Adibus, we place our credit first and foremost in the fact that the work we do is both of an innovative nature and of high quality through all stages. Adibus specializes in providing solutions that enhance the travel experience for passengers, as well as assisting clients and operators with IT and media solutions with the goal of better public transport.