Large displays in trains on the Nordjyske Jernbaner network


The Nordjyske Jernbaner trains were equipped with 37-inch large displays during the summer of 2011. The displays show a mix of news items from TV2 News, TV2 Nord, advertisements as well as timetable information. In collaboration with Nordjyllands Traffic Authority and next stop announcements have been extended with transit information to other modes of transport – other trains, buses and ferries.

The trains also offer passengers free access to Wi-Fi at the same time. The screens are naturally placed in such a way to guarantee visibility for the maximum number of passengers. Apart from the ‘next stop’ announcements, the screens are soundless.

Company director Preben Vestergaard from Nordjyske Jernbaner, sees a number of opportunities in this initiative.

- We have a constant focus on improving the passenger experience on our trains. With our own “TV channel” we have even more effective ways to help us service our passengers and improve their total experience of taking the train – both for our daily commuters and tourists, says Preben Vestergaard.

There is a heightened demand for the advertisement spots and the first adverts are already up and running. Among them Hjørring Biocenter. Finn K. Rasmussen from the cinema sees some totally new opportunities for a goal-orientated and topical marketing of the cinema.

- I have put together a flexible ad-spot, which I can update myself via the Internet. It means, that I decide myself when and if I want to insert a current film into my advert, says Finn K. Rasmussen.

Facts about Nordjyske Jernbaner

Nordjyske Jernbaner A/S was founded by merging Skagensbanen and Hjørring Privatbaner in 2001 and is operating trains between Hirtshals-Hjørring and Skagen-Frederikshavn.

Since the merger, several hundred millions were invested in new tracks, technical systems, whistle stops – and last but not least, train sets.

Nordjyske Jernbaner operates with Siemens Desiro train sets.

Nordjyllands Trafikselskab owns a total of 89 percent of the shares in Nordjyske Jernbaner.