Herning Station invests in comprehensive Lane Management system from adibus


Although Herning Station is comparatively large for a provincial city the traffic load at the station nevertheless demanded a fresh look at how the flow of traffic was controlled. The solution: adibus Lane Management to the rescue.

In situations where traffic load outgrows the natural capacity of a traditional bus station inventive solutions must be deployed.

adibus LaneManagement helps with priority, signage and direction of buses at multi line stations where several buses share the same lane.

adibus LaneManagement ensures that:

  • the order of buses in bus lanes is correct according to departure time
  • signage at the station indicates correct platform numbers
  • control of the depot at the station where the buses are on breaks
  • passengers receive information about bus position
  • driver receives information about the platform on real-time terminals or via infoscreens

Lane Management - Herning Station

Satellite view of Lane Management at Herning Station.

Buses arrive from the left and depart at the right. The space to the left is a depot for buses having breaks longer than 7 minutes.

The station handles approx 1.500 arrivals and departures on a busy day.

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