Smart Elbus operation from Adibus provides annual savings of over DKK 20,000 per bus - and helps Europe through the energy crisis. More is on the way

In the last year, Adibus, with support from among The innovation fund and universities, developed the first version of the future IT solution for Elbus operations. The solution takes care of many of the challenges that bus operators experience during the transition from Diesel buses to Electric buses - with, among other things, to save electricity while driving, optimize operations and, not least, create insight into the buses' data on consumption. There is a great savings potential here and several of Adibus's customers are already well underway in implementing these.

In these times, energy is a scarce resource, including electricity - and with IT solutions, Adibus helps implementing savings and even-out consumption.


The journey has only just begun with the electric buses and in the time to come new functions will be added which provide further potential for savings and efficient bus operation.


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