Smart Electric Bus operation

During the last 2 years, adibus, together with customers and partners, has worked with the project Smart EL-bus operation, supported by the Danish InnovationFund. The project has aimed to find a solution to some of the new operational challenges faced by the bus operators as the former fleet is replaced with electrical buses. The project has already delivered a large number of results - from which our customers greatly benefit:

  • Access to many new CAN / FMS data in the Electrical buses - prepared in collaboration with the bus operators
  • Development of support tools for drivers in their daily driving of electric buses - and more efficient driving
  • Development of new operating tools - which provide an overview and save resources in the day-to-day operation
  • Charge management of buses – with large savings as a result
  • Development of completely new analysis tools - for optimizing the operation of electric buses - with comparison of buses and savings as a result

In addition to the innovation of new solutions, the parties have succeeded in getting real solutions into operation in over 400 electric buses and more are added daily.


The solution today support buses from Ebusco, Volvo, ValHool, Solaris, Man, Golden Dragon, Yutong, VDL


Many thanks to all participants, as well as the Danish innovationfund for contributing to making the road towards electric buses more profitable, and to a great effect for our environment.

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