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adibus LaneManagement

Overview of the core elements in adibus LaneManagement



How does the bus choose the right lane at the station if there is a space for several busses in the same line?

AdibusLaneManagement helps with priority, signage and direction of busses at the multi line station, i.e. where several busses share the same lane.


adibus LaneManagement ensures that

  • the order of busses in bus lanes is correct according to departure time
  • signage at the station indicates correct platform numbers
  • control of the depot at the station where the busses are on breaks
  • passengers receive information about bus position
  • driver receives information about the platform on real-time terminals or via infoscreens

The system is particularly suitable for compact stations, wherebuses
have no fixed places, but share commonbus lanes.


  1. Station

    The station is equipped with control sensors for busses, real time information signs for passengers and electronical signs to guide bus drivers through the station.
  2. Central server

    Central server prioritizes busses and ensures correct signage for passangers and bus drivers


  3. The bus

    Each bus is eguipped with RealTime system (adibus RealTime) delivering GPS, forecasts and information to the station about buses arrival and departure. In addition driver receives information on driver terminal about platform number before arrival.
  4. GPS

    There is a GPS antenna on the roof of the bus for positioning.
  5. Mobile network

    Mobile data between bus and station is being transmittet via mobile network
  6. Software

    Webapplication being used by administrative personnel for management of the system.




How does it work

A) The bus approaches the station and delivers a forecast of its arrival via GPS and RealTime system

B) The station prioritizes the bus

C) Driver receives platform number on the driver terminal in the bus

D) Upon arrival at the station electronic signs will guide the driver to the correct platform number

E) Passengers receive information about bus position on the electronic platform signs

F) The bus is guided to the depot at arrival and return to the station for collecting of passengers


Herning Station, Denmark



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