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adibus NextStopAnnouncement

Overview of the core elements in adibus NextStopAnnouncement


  1. Publishing and managing content from (and any other news update, advertisement or traffic information).

  2. A central server hosted by adibus.

  3. Uploads via the mobile network.

  4. Route selection and content updated in buses and trains.

  5. Positioning via GPS.


With adibus NextStopAnnouncement passengers are automatically informed of the approaching next stop, final destination, route etc. As soon as the driver has chosen a particular route, then the system functions automatically without any further need of interaction from the driver. The exact position of the bus is calculated by GPS and the next stop is announced on-screen and optionally also via the sound system on the bus/train. The system is specially designed to facilitate senior citizens and people with sight impediments.

Insertion af GPS-positions

All stop-sites are encoded with their precise GPS position in the system. The bus/ train automatically registers when it leaves a position. If the system is connected up to adibus Wi-Fi or adibus PassengerInformationSystem it is possible to update the system via the mobile network from a central server.
The traffic company or transport provider is therefore able to easily change/insert new routes and GPS positions.

Automatic packages (Real Time solutions)

We also offer adibus RealTime if you wish to avail of the extended version, with the added function that enables the display of transit-options, delays etc.



An example of adibus NextStop Announcement connected to Adibus RealTime.


An example of real time information to passengers mixed with news and weather forecast.


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