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adibus PassengerInformationSystem / Infotainment

An overview of the core elements in the adibus PassengerInformationSystem / Infotainment system

  1. Publication and management of content

    adibus is updated by the hour with topical news items. News content is sent as an RSS-feed with text and photo or as a streamed film. adibus has agreed usage rights with a number of news media providers to supply national and regional news coverage. The regional news content is automatically adjusted to the actual regional area the bus or train is moving through. With the adibus system it is also possible to stream content from local media sources – such as a local newspaper. We are happy to assist with all the necessary technical assistance and establishment
    of connections.

    We deal with everything involved with advertisement content from bookings, invoicing, publishing and content management. As all advertisements are bound to adhere to current marketing laws, adibus validates all advertisement content prior to launch; to ensure that the letter of the law is upheld. Adibus offers an all in agreement, which also encompasses spot production. We can also put together advertisement free solutions. Outside of Denmark, external marketing collaborators deliver this service.

    Traffic information
    With our systems it is possible for a traffic provider or bus company to send out information directly to particular vehicles, routes or areas. We utilize user-friendly and straightforward software solutions, which are installed with the company’s administrator. We can help with the initial building of templates and always ensure the application of any necessary instruction and guidance to enable updates. We always take on board any individual wishes or special needs.
  2. Central server hosted by adibus

    Prior to the release and distribution of any news update, advertisement or information - the material is uploaded to our own server at adibus. In order to ensure and safeguard against any outside interference all data is encrypted, before it is sent to a bus/ train.
  3. Uploads via the mobile network

    The distribution of data from the central server to the bus/ train is ensured via a stabile and fast mobile phone connection. If the bus/ train finds itself in a local area without mobile coverage, we ensure that the passengers do not experience any disruption or fall out. The system merely suspends updates, until sufficient coverage is re-established.
  4. Opdating the bus/train

    No matter when or where, adibus is always online delivering an exciting and updated mix of news, advertisements and information. With an adibus service agreement, your system is monitored continuously and any defective equipment will be replaced.


  5. GPS management of screen content

    Our GPS enabled system management makes it possible to actively interact with the outreach of your information, advertisements and news updates. GPS co-ordinates precisely govern in which particular geographical area any given content is to be screened.
    With adibus RealTime we offer real time information services to passengers. The system can be custom tailored to include services such as ‘next stop’, transit options, eventual delays etc. Audio announcements can also be added to supplement the onscreen information.






eksempel på nyheder implementeret i realtidsvisning

An example of news items implemented in the real time information display.


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