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adibus RealTime

Overview of the core elements in adibus RealTime

  1. Publishing and managing content from (and any other news update, advertisement or traffic information).

  2. A central server hosted by adibus.

  3. Uploads via the mobile network.

  4. Route selection and content updated in buses and trains.

  5. Positioning via GPS.

With adibus RealTime passengers are automatically orientated about the next stop, approaching destinations, delays, transit options to other buses/ trains etc. Via a digital journey selection, the driver chooses the route number; following this the system downloads the relevant updated information for the route in question. The system functions fully automatically from this point on, without any other need for interaction from the driver. The digital route selection is a small touch screen, which can also be used as a communication tool by the driver, who can send e-mails and other information etc. The system is specially designed to help and be user friendly for senior citizens and users with sight impediments.

A system with an in-built intelligence

The buses GPS calculates the buses exact position every minute and controls this against the timetable data as well as previous records of the busses position at this point of time on the route.
E.g. If the bus according to the timetable, is due to depart from Aalborg at 9:43 am via Hobro 10:19, Randers 10:47 with an expected arrival at Aarhus by 11:23; the system will announce the actual approaching next stop along the route controlled against the timetable. The announcement will be shown on-screen via a template with the approaching stops and arrival times in concordance with the timetable and current position.


Utilizing the busses GPS position and the expected next stop along the route, the system updates real time information relating to the next stop and displays the transit options available at the next stop. This information is displayed every 3-5 minutes when the bus/ train is within a given radius of the next station.

The bus’s GPS calculates its position minute by minute and controls this with the timetable data for the route in question. If the bus is e.g. more than 5 minutes delayed, the system will announce this delay to the data provider and display it for the information of the passengers on the bus. The data is delivered via an on-line web service. This makes it possible to see real time information on current delays from the Internet, mobile network and at the next station via references from the central system.

If a transport provider merely wishes to ensure the announcement of the “next stop”, then our ‘next stop announcement option’ can deliver this service.


Real time data relating to the exact position and any delays is collected by the system via the GPS units on the buses and can be assessed by the customer to analyse timetables, journey time guarantees etc.


An example of real time information to passengers.


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