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adibus Signs

Overview of the core elements in adibus Signs


  1. Setup LED sign texts in backend

  2. Central server at Adibus

  3. Upload via the mobile network

  4. Adibus Sign system in bus

Set and update LED Signs automatically in the bus in realtime

With adibus Signs the driver can set the LED destination signs automatically when selecting the next trip in e.g. the Realtime system. This results in fewer tasks for the driver in the bus – and minimizes the risk for mistakes, allowing the driver to more spend time on passenger service.
The driver can also easily set a manual text on e.g. the destination sign “Concert tour” or other relevant texts.

Updated from central system – no USB key updates any more

All sign texts are defined in the backend system and can be created in a few minutes. The system is online via the mobile network and the new or changed texts are pushed immediately to the buses – so updating signs in 100 buses is a simple and easy task where you only need a few minutes.

Same setup for all LED vendors

Adibus sign system supports all major LED sign vendors and all texts e.g. destinations texts are set up in the same system helping to minimize the administration and reuse of the setup.




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