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adibus Wi-Fi

Overview of the core elements in adibus Wi-Fi


  1. Mobile network.

  2. A central hotspot in the busses and trains ensures internet to the passengers.


adibus Wi-Fi gives your passengers a reliable Wi-Fi network in transit. Passengers can effortlessly utilize their time on-board to check mail, surf the net and keep themselves up to date during their journey.

How it works

As soon as the passenger logs onto the Wi-Fi network available on the bus/train, a registration page will open, enabling user identification in accordance with current legislation. Following this, there is unrestricted net access.

The hardware

We naturally utilize specially designed transport durable hardware, ensuring stable communication services no-matter how harsh the operational environment with sudden jolts, shakes, fluctuations in temperature or electrical voltage etc.


adibus Wi-Fi delivers the best available coverage no-matter where the bus/train is positioned. We survey routes in advance and vet the telecommunication provider/providers with the best available coverage. adibus is independent of and non-reliant on any particular telecommunications provider.



What the passengers say:

 »The Wi-Fi network makes it possible for me to work during my daily 2-hour commute».

»My son really loves the Wi-Fi access, as it makes the transport time feel a lot shorter».

»I can do my online shopping whilst I’m on the bus, which saves me time and hassle».

 »Now, I don’t waste my time on transport – I can do all my mail correspondence on the bus».


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